Ürün Görsel
Little Prince Bumper
Little Prince Bumper ,%100 Cotton 180x130cm , Embroidered ,Antibacterial , Antialergic , suitable for baby health.
Ürün Görsel
Dream Cotton Bumper
Dream Cotton Bumper , %100 Cotton ,Antialergic ,Antibacterial ,Suitable for Baby Health
Ürün Görsel
Adventurer Bumper
Adventurer Bumper ,%100 Cotton ,180x130cm , Embroidered ,Antibacterial , Antialergic , suitable for baby health.
Ürün Görsel
Chic Duvet Set
Chic Duvet Set ,%100 Cotton, Duvet 100x120cm , Pillow Case 35x50cm , Embroidered Muslin Satin
Ürün Görsel
Dream Duvet Set
Dream Duvet Set , Embridered Muslin 2 Layer , 100x 120 cm Duvet , 35x50 cm Pillow Case
Ürün Görsel
Grey Balloon Duvet Set
Grey Balloon Duvet Set, Muslin Cotton Satin , 100x120cm Duvet , 35x50cm Pillow Case
Ürün Görsel
Dream Canopy Muslin
Dream Canopy Muslin , Printed Muslin , Double Gauze , Special Concept
Ürün Görsel
Chic Canopy Muslin
Chic Canopy Muslin , Printed Muslin , Double Gauze , Special Concept , Dia 45 , 240 cm
Ürün Görsel
Pompom Canopy Muslin
Pompom Canopy Muslin , Double Gauze , Special Concept , Dia 45 , 240 cm
Ürün Görsel
Dream Linen Set
Dream Linen Set , %100 Cotton , Fitted Sheets , 60 x120 cm
Ürün Görsel
Spaceship Blanket Muslin
Nowadays Trendy Fabric ,Muslin Blanket , Breathable Fabric for Baby's Best , 70x100cm ,Hand printed ve 4 Layer
Ürün Görsel
Chic Travel Changin Pad
Chic Travel Changing Pad , For Baby's very Practical and chic
Ürün Görsel
Unicorn Pillow
Unicorn Pillow , Cotton Decorative Pillows ,Concept
Ürün Görsel
Bunny Pillow
Bunny Pillow , Cotton Decorative Pillows , Concept
Ürün Görsel
Bear Pillow
Bear Pillow , Cotton Muslin Decorative Pillow , Concept
Ürün Görsel
Chic Table Lighting
Chic Table Lighting , Wooden Concept ,For Baby Room Decoration
Ürün Görsel
Cloud Table Lighting
Cloud Table Ligting , Wooden Concept , For Baby Rooms Decoration
Ürün Görsel
Prince Table Lighting
Prince Table Lighting , Wooden Concept , For Baby Room Decoration


Bndeco Baby Home Textile was established in 1998,in İzmir as the producer and designer of Baby,Kids and Teens Room Home Textiles.

Our Company provides the best quality with an experienced and a dynamic team.Also our innovative Designer Team follows the World fashion trends to create new collections.

We offer Nursery Bedding Sets,Decorative Pillows ,Bed Covers, Duvet Sets,Canopies,Mosquito Nets,Linens,Curtains, Piques , Lightings,Muslin Organic Bedding Sets

As the result of supervisor quality policy ,Bndeco also has ISO-9001,ISO14001,OHSAS-18001 International Quality Management Systems.

Bndeco Textile is geared to produce a wide range of designs and any cusyom designs and patterns our customers demand.

Our expertise in the field and our commitment enables us to maintain the superior quality and also provide them at affordable rates.

We would like to share our New Premier Collections in the New Year 2020.


Quality Documents



Which fabrics are produced from your products. How safe is baby health?

In our products, 100% Cotton Fabrics and Muslin Fabrics are generally preferred. All of our products are suitable for baby health, antiallergic and antibacterial is our most important criteria.

What are the quality criteria of your products, your approach to product returns?

In accordance with our quality policy, we manufacture in accordance with the international ISO-9000 criteria and produce long-lasting products if the product usage instructions are followed.

What are your approaches regarding the designs of your products and new collections?

Our products are created every year with our new collections by our creative design team following the world trends.

What is your approach to Baby Room Concepts and harmonization of your products?

Our Baby Room Concepts are designed in harmony with all details from Furniture to Textiles and Accessories in Room.

What are your thoughts on opening your brand abroad and selling abroad?

Our brand participates in important fairs of the world and carries out important negotiations on exportation abroad.

Are your products sold over the Internet?

Also we make sales in our own website (www.bndeco.com) . Another important sales channels in Turkey (hepsiburada.com, N11.Com) we're also our products are sold. Soon we will be on Amazon site

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